Tips For Moving Day

On the day an aging parent moves into a senior community, doing so can be overwhelming, especially when they can no longer live independently. Families need ways to make these transitions easier and reduce the stress and worry many elderly people have.

Senior communities offer a wealth of activities and amenities for residents and help new residents adjust to a new way of life. Move-in day tips can help families make the transition easier and prevent the experience from becoming traumatic.  

Arrange for the Senior to Participate in a Community Activity

On move-in day, families need to show their elderly loved ones that they are not alone in the assisted living community. A great option is to make arrangements ahead of time to bring the senior to the new home on a day when the community has a planned activity. If the family participates in the activity with their elderly loved one, the transition is easier, and they know someone at the event initially. The family members can help the seniors introduce themselves to potential friends in the community. 

Pack An Overnight Bag and One Box of Their Belongings

Instead of taking everything with them on the first day, the family should get their loved one to pack an overnight bag and one box of personal belongings. They do not have to move everything into their living space all at once, as this could present several days of tasks that could prove to be overwhelming. Families can take their time unpacking their aging parents and bring a few things at a time instead of taking too many items into the living space and creating tripping hazards or making the seniors feel like they have to unpack everything at once.  

Keep Photos in Frames Handy on Move-In Day

Photos the aging parent kept nearby in the family home should be packed for their first night in the community. A family member can bring these framed pictures to the loved one’s living space and let their senior place the photos where they want them. Any familiar photos or items that stir up happy memories are helpful for seniors and assist with memory care services.

The senior can also meet the staff that coordinates their care with a memory specialist in the community. Staff members will advise the family about what items are the greatest assets to have in the loved one’s room to help with memory retention efforts. 

Bring Linens and Blankets From Home

A terrific way to keep seniors happier and more comfortable on move-in day is to bring linens and blankets from the family home. Family members can put the sheets and blankets on the resident’s bed however they need them. These simple items can make a world of difference for the elderly loved ones, and they can feel more at home in the new living space.  

Eat at Least One Meal With Your Senior in the Community 

During the first day in assisted living in Culver City, CA, a family member should eat at least one meal with their senior at the on-site dining area. The family member should encourage their seniors to enjoy the healthier foods and follow their dietary restrictions. In these communities, residents don’t need to worry about cooking or cleaning, as the staff does all of this for them. All residents get three meals each day and choose the foods they want to eat. 

Stay Strong and Try to Keep Your Emotions in Check

Move-in day can become emotional for everyone, but the family must stay strong for their senior and try not to break down in front of them. This is a difficult transition for the aging parent, and the family must be there to support the senior without upsetting them.  

Stay With Your Loved One for an Appropriate Amount of Time

The family member that brings the aging parent to the senior community should stay with the loved one for an appropriate amount of time. There isn’t a set amount of time, but they can play it by ear according to their loved one’s comfort levels. Once their loved one is relaxed and comfortable, the family needs to step back and let their loved one adjust.   

Beautiful Living Spaces for the Elderly

At Terraza Court Senior Living, we offer terrific living options for seniors who need assisted living and help with ADLs. Our staff offers a variety of services to make life easier for everyone and improves their quality of life. Your family can learn more about our community with a quick tour of the property.