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I lived at the community, I felt comfortable and I hope to return. The transportation service was excellent and if I needed maintenance, they came over when I needed them. Staff did my laundry and housekeeping, and the activity person was good. The food was very good, we had a good selection of choices and it was probably the best thing going there. In general, I was safe, it was comparatively inexpensive to other places and you got a great return on it.

- John B (Resident)

Terraza Court Culver City is a great place for Mom. The staff is friendly and efficient! I was nervous about placing Mom anywhere as she was with us at home for so long. But when care became too much to handle I knew we had to make a choice. From the tour to the date of move-in my worries were eased by the warm and caring staff. I am glad we made this decision and would definitely recommend the building to anyone looking to care for their mom.

-B Laureano

One of my most satisfying experiences has been getting to know how caring, loving and dedicated the staff of Memory Care department are. They incorporate compassion and understanding on a daily basis. Aside from adding a spark of beauty care amount the female residents like manicures, hair care day, make up treats, memory care staff have an excellent dedication for the male residents as well. From talking about news, movies, music and jokes bringing a sense of friendship and easy going for the male residents.

Overall, it is a great place to move your loved one in who needs a memory care.

-Ruth Ronquillo

Great community. Its clean beautiful and the food is great. Brought my grandmother to West Los Angeles to be closer to us. Our experience has been good. My grandmother is happy with the decision and has already made friends.

Thankful she was able to bring her furry best friend!

I recommend Terraza Court with confidence.

-Barbara Burdick

Terraza Court has been my home for 7 years. I love it here because of the activities and outings. The food is really good. Chef Perry is excellent !

I have made many friends and everyone is quite nice.

The care staff are all very nice and helpful.

-Heidi Marx

Very lovely and inviting community. My family and I were very impressed with the recent upgrades to the facility while touring. Modern and new, the building still offers a warm and cozy feel, much like home. The staff was friendly and helpful as well.

-Towonna Monique