Senior Living Solutions to Improve Quality of Life

Just about every Californian adult looks forward to retirement, but few give much thought to the practical aspects of living out their golden years. Most assume that they’ll be best off continuing to live at home and will be able to do so without much difficulty or personal sacrifice. 

In fact, living at home alone can leave seniors feeling isolated and abandoned and can even create dangerous situations as people continue to age without the help and companionship they deserve. The good news for retirees of all ages is that there are plenty of better senior living options available. Retirees planning for the future and the adult children of aging seniors can read on to learn about some fantastic senior living solutions to improve their quality of life well into old age.

Assisted Living Communities

Most people don’t like to admit when they need help, which can create some serious challenges as they age. What seniors who insist on aging in place often fail to realize is that the best way to maintain independence while simultaneously prioritizing safety, comfort, and quality of life isn’t to live alone in the family home, but to seek out an assisted living community. Here are just a few of the ways that assisted living can improve a senior’s quality of life:

1. Decreased Loneliness

Loneliness isn’t just unpleasant. It can also be bad for a person’s health, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, seniors living alone in their family homes often wind up feeling lonely due to limited contact with others in their communities. 

Having friends and family members stop by can help to alleviate loneliness to some degree, but seniors who don’t have live-in partners still wind up reporting increased rates of social isolation when they live at home. Moving to an assisted living apartment can change all that by giving seniors the opportunity to socialize with their peers as much or as little as they want.

2. Less Anxiety

Living alone can be anxiety-inducing for people of any age, but it’s especially problematic for seniors. After all, aging in place means not just continuing to take care of a wide variety of daily tasks but also dealing with emergencies such as slip and fall accidents, intruders, or breakdowns in the home’s essential systems alone. Knowing that no one will be there to provide immediate help should the worst happen can create anxiety for any senior.

When they move to assisted living homes, seniors don’t have to worry about home maintenance, self-protection, or even daily chores like cooking and cleaning. There will be staff available 24/7 to offer help to any resident who needs it. Residents usually report lower levels of anxiety after moving into assisted living, as do their family members and friends.

3. Good Food

When it comes to ensuring a good quality of life, access to delicious and nutritious food is near the top of the list for anyone. Unfortunately, seniors often find themselves unable or uninterested in cooking meals three times a day, especially when they’re eating alone. Moving to assisted living means getting access to a full-service dining room that serves three tasty, healthy meals a day and can accommodate people with all kinds of dietary restrictions.

4. Increased Independence

As people age, they often wind up relying more on family members than they would like. Though it’s true that family is supposed to offer love and support no matter what, most people wind up feeling frustrated when they’re always receiving help and never giving it, and the situation only gets worse if seniors develop diseases of old age such as dementia. Moving into assisted living with memory care options is a great way to decrease dependence on family members, allowing seniors to regain a sense of balance in their relationships.

5. More Activity

Physical activity is crucial to maintaining both good health and high quality of life, but many seniors who live alone at home wind up living fairly sedentary lifestyles. Some worry about going for walks alone, while others lack transportation or just don’t have the motivation to get up and move without someone there to offer encouragement. In assisted living communities, it’s much easier to live an active lifestyle since there are always activities, exercise classes, and outings to attend.

Make the Move

Here at Terraza Court, we believe that all seniors living in Culver City deserve to live out their golden years in comfort and ease. Our senior living community gives residents a place not just to call home but to meet new friends, engage in fun activities, and get all of the long-term care they need. Browse our website to learn more about our community or call (310) 838-7800 to schedule a tour.