Consider Therapy Programs in Your Assisted Living Search

When evaluating senior living options, it’s best for families to choose communities that offer physical therapy. As a primary component of seniors’ health, senior therapies, including occupational and physical therapy, are beneficial. Along with the individualized care assisted living communities to provide, regular therapy is a wonderful addition.

Why Do Seniors Need Therapy?

In many cases, senior citizens need temporary physical or rehabilitative therapy after an injury or surgery. However, many assisted living community residents find themselves dealing with long-term conditions that may benefit from treatment plans including physical therapy. For a loved one who is dealing with the aftereffects of osteoarthritis, a stroke, or a slip and fall, therapy may:

  • Reduce the need for surgical treatment
  • Treat age-related health conditions

These treatments, of course, must be provided by licensed therapists and overseen by physicians. The best-assisted living communities have the resources and ability to offer residents regular therapeutic visits from doctors, nurses, and therapists.

Therapy Improves Mobility and Stability

Physical therapy may improve overall function in residents with mobility problems. Frequent therapy allows them to move around safely and easily, which makes life easier. Furthermore, therapy improves the range of motion and reduces pain. With the right therapy program, residents can improve their endurance and strength while continuing to do what they love.

Growing Stronger With Physical and Occupational Therapy

The therapeutic programs in assisted living communities give seniors a safe way to strength train with the right form and the proper tools. While muscles naturally weaken with age, physical therapy may boost strength and muscle mass.

Reducing the Risk of Falls and Fractures

For senior citizens, falls are the primary cause of head injuries and bone fractures. And, once such a fall occurs, future falls become more likely. Regular physical therapy provided in an assisted living community teaches seniors to maintain stability and reduces the risk of falls.

Therapy Brings a Lower Risk of Health Issues

Regular therapy also reduces the risk of health problems in assisted living community residents. Because it helps them stay mobile, it reduces the risk of pressure sores, joint pain, and respiratory illness. Additionally, therapy may help residents retain their independence for longer, which is crucial to their overall well-being.

Decreasing Reliance on Prescription Medications

Surgical treatments and prescription drugs can be quite dangerous for those showing signs of aging. Therefore, when alternative strategies can be used, it’s best to do so. With the right kind of therapy, seniors can manage chronic pain while decreasing the need for prescriptions.

A Better Quality of Life for Seniors

The therapy programs found in assisted living communities do much to improve residents’ quality of life. These memory care programs keep people active and engaged, which is particularly important for those with cognitive issues or dementia. In therapy, residents also get the chance to socialize, which improves their mental health. Schedule a visit and learn about our senior living community’s programs and services.

When Should a Senior Move Into an Assisted Living Community With a Therapy Team?

Assisted living communities are places of comfort and safety. If you or a family member are exposed to certain risks at home, the move may become a necessity. For those who are likely to slip and fall, 24-hour care and support will help create a safe environment. Certified caregivers can help with medication management, emergency response, and other services, including bathing, continence, grooming, and more.

Choose an Assisted Living Community With Therapy Offerings

It’s important for families and seniors to keep in mind that not all assisted living communities offer occupational, rehabilitative, and physical therapy to their residents. To initiate such offerings, communities must coordinate with wellness and healthcare professionals. To ensure the overall health and well-being of your family members, choose a community that already offers physical therapy services.

Why do Our Residents and Their Families Love Us?

Sundial Assisted Living offers an all-inclusive experience that caters to seniors at every stage, from independence to the need for constant care. Our team has the skills, resources, and expertise to deliver the highest possible level of service. All therapeutic services are provided by medical professionals who have previously worked with seniors in need of treatment. We invite seniors and their families to learn more about our therapy programs.

When they live in our world-class community, seniors get the opportunity to lead a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life, which gives families a certain degree of reassurance. To learn more about everything Sundial Assisted Living has to offer, request information online or call to schedule a visit.