Assisted Living or Home Care for the Elderly

Seniors are diagnosed with different forms of dementia each year, and their healthcare requirements change according to the current stage of the disease. Your family will face challenges when providing care for these loved ones, and no matter how strong-willed and healthy you are, watching the loved one’s health decline rapidly takes a serious toll on your health and well-being. Comparing assisted living and home care services makes decisions about an elderly family member’s health easier.  

Avoiding Household Modification Costs 

Mobility issues and the risk of falling are prevailing reasons for installing new equipment in a senior’s home. Whether they need rails in the shower to keep their balance or need a shower seat, the cost of new installations accumulates and becomes expensive. But, this is what must be done to accommodate the needs of an elderly person in the home. To use home services, these new modifications are a must. 

In assisted living In Culver City, CA, the community has the equipment in showers already, and the residents don’t pay extra to get the equipment they need. There are also wheelchair ramps and steps with railings to help seniors deal with their needs. 

The Hiring Process for an At-Home Nurse

An established home care agency screens all nurses and staff and verifies their credentials before hiring them, but this doesn’t mean each service provider screens workers thoroughly. Former nurses and workers who once performed healthcare services place ads to sit with the elderly, too.

Families need more stringent evaluations of potential at-home nurses before hiring one to stay with the loved one. The tasks make the hiring process difficult, and it may take longer to find the right person to care for the elderly family member. 

Assisted living communities offer a full staff, and the administrators screen the workers thoroughly.

A Set Schedule or Routine

Schedules and routines help residents with dementia stay on task and improve their quality of life. They know what they’re doing next according to the current time, and this makes them less anxious. Home care nurses may not stick to a strict schedule and deviate from the client’s routine. 

The residents need memory care services, but there are at-home services that come to private homes to complete the services. When comparing assisted living vs memory care, families take into account whether the loved one thrives more when getting these services at home or within a community. Living in a community gives the resident a set schedule for completing memory care activities and won’t change from day to day. 

Memory Care Requirements 

In a memory care community, residents have a private apartment and live independently. Anyone who has memory loss gets the services to improve their memory and recall more everyday details. The services are wonderful for vets, seniors, and individuals who sustained a traumatic brain injury. In later stages of dementia, the resident needs the services more often. Calculating the cost of memory care in the home as compared to community-based services helps families make a well-informed decision.  

Spending Quality Time With Family

Residents in communities have access to their families, and family members can visit as often as they like. Once a senior reaches later stages of dementia, visiting hours may become restricted. In comparison, the family has more access to their loved ones if the person remains in their home.

Unfortunately, late-stage dementia causes the person to become more disoriented, and they forget their children’s names. The constant in their lives is the caregiver who makes them feel safe. At home, there isn’t a real chance to step back from the effects of the disease, but if the senior is in assisted living, the family knows the loved one is safe, and they have opportunities to spend more quality time together.   

Safer Homes for Seniors

At Terraza Court Culver City, we offer lovely homes for residents, including private apartments, and our community is designed specifically for seniors. All residents have exceptional amenities such as housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation. Talk to our staff to set up a private tour now.